Zoho One

Zoho One

What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is a business process management platform that organizations can access at a very affordable price. Zoho One operating system offers a wide range of innovative business solutions that enable business owners and administrators to gain full supervision over their business data. The Zoho One cloud bundle even allows you to have a full track from security processes to employee management and more. 

Zoho One also comes with native applications for platforms like iOS and Android so that users can use the app on their mobile devices on the go. The Zoho One suite also helps employees become more productive and efficient as they get access to correct data whenever they require it and wherever they are.

Zoho One features

Zoho One is one of the best suites that organizes your business data and simplifies your relevant business processes. Here are some of the Zoho One features;

  • Mobile applications
  • Employee management
  • Customer reports management
  • Insights and reports
  • Custom applications
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Project management
  • Accounting software
  • Recruiting module
  • Inventory management
  • Forms
  • Surveys & feedbacks
  • Help desk
  • Campaigns
  • Team communication
  • Sales inbox
  • Contact manager

zoho One Cloudinfosystem

Zoho One App

Zoho one App Cloudinfosystem

In this section, we will discuss the suite of applications that Zoho One offers you. All the applications have been categorized according to the business process. Have a look below;


  • Project Management
  • Sprints
  • Internal Social Network
  • Showtime
  • Web Conference & Webinars
  • Bug Tracker
  • Workdrive


  • CRM
  • Contact Management
  • Bigin
  • Bookings


  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Survey 
  • Forms
  • Website Builder
  • Website Optimization
  • SalesIQ
  • Backstage


  • Customer Support
  • Remote Support/Access


  • Email Hosting
  • Chat


  • Writer
  • Sheet
  • Show
  • Document Management
  • Digital Signatures
  • Notebook
  • Notebook
  • Vault


  • Accounting
  • Invoice Management
  • Expense Management
  • Checkout


  • Subscription Management
  • Inventory Management

Human Resources

  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment

Business Process

  • Custom Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Integration Builder
  • Orchestly