Freshworks CRM services

Freshworks is one of the most well-known CRM platform providers and even works as an alternative software for many reputed CRM platforms. Cloud InfoSystem has partnered with Freshworks to offer better Freshworks CRM software integration and help people know how to connect to Freshworks.


Cloud InfoSystem even provides customer support for Freshworks CRM software. Cloud InfoSystem has assisted more than 500 companies in utilizing the Freshworks CRM platform. Cloud InfoSystem believes in uniqueness, and that is why we offer services to integrate and customize Freshworks CRM software the way you like it to be. Here are some of the Freshworks CRM services offered by Cloud InfoSystem;

  • Freshworks CRM integration
  • Freshworks CRM data migration
  • Freshworks CRM customization

Freshworks CRM Integration

Cloud InfoSystem is specialized in integrating one of the most potent CRM platforms – Freshworks. Our Freshworks integration team has an experience of more than ten years. First of all, we analyze your business needs and then understand your expectations of the CRM software. After this, we guide you through the different integration options available and finally initiate the integration process.

When we prepare the integration process of your ongoing CRM software, we ensure the process comes out to be cost-effective yet efficient enough to deliver your business goals. Our certified technicians integrate your Freshworks CRM platform with vital applications and plug-in necessary to ensure seamless workflow and operations.

Freshworks CRM data migration

When we undergo CRM data migration for your business, we leave no room for data loss. So no more worries about losing data during the migration process! We, firstly, go through the sample import process before the full migration. In this process, we import a few sample tickets from your CRM dashboard in order to help you see how your data looks in the Freshworks CRM. Once the sample import is done, our team of experts reviews the results of the sample data import and then proceeds to the next step. Finally, we go through the full migration of your data.

Look below to see all the business objects that get migrated to Freshworks CRM software.

  • Accounts
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Products
  • Tasks
  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Events

Freshworks CRM customization

Cloud InfoSystem helps you fully customize your Freshworks CRM platform. Yes, you heard that right! Explore the extensive customization capabilities of the Freshworks CRM platform with the help of Cloud InfoSystem.

  • Template customization
  • Blueprint and workflow customization
  • Dashboard customization
  • CRM module customization
  • Page-level customization
  • Field setting customization
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